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Article in Star News on October 3, 2001.

Article in Star News on October 3, 2001.


Exerpt from the article:

"Most of us love our electronic toys - our big-screen TV sets, our VCRs, DVDs, CD players and all the accessories. But how do we fit these gizmos into our living room décor?

According to local cabinetmaker Douglas W. Barnhill, it's often a battle of the sexes.

"Men want access to their equipment - it's a man thing," said Mr. Barnhill of Barnhill Woodworks of North Carolina, 4723 Mazur Drive in Castle Hayne. "Women, most of the time, want something that looks nice and lets them display their heirlooms."

With custom-built, handmade home entertainment centers, Mr. Barnhill works to let his clients have it all.

His pieces - which have gone into homes at Landfall as well as new businesses at the River Landing development - are handcrafted from such hardwoods as bird's-eye maple, cherry, red oak, walnut or mahagony, "whatever the customer wants."

Recessed doors can conceal electronic units until they're needed. Thanks to camouflaged electronic eyes, Mr. Barnhill added, some stereos and television units can be operated by remotes with the doors still shut."


Props from 1996 Movie The Grave